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Worship Leader Application - Blairsville, PA, USA

     Thank you for your interest in the Worship Leader position at our Blairsville Church location. Blairsville is our main administrative office and we currently house a small congregation weekly on Strangford Road. We are equipped with a stage, modern equipment, a full drum cage, a professional Yamaha weighted keyboard, mics, and all the plugins for guitars and other instruments. 

     This position we are seeking to fill is for the worship leader at the Blairsville location, whether you play guitar, or keys or use audio accompaniment tracks, we are willing to meet you, hear your heart for ministry, and feel your anointing as your worship at Mercy Hill church of Blairsville!

     If you feel called to ministry and called to lead a group in corporate worship, we'd love to join us as we all walk deeper into the Lord at Mercy Hill. Please fill out the application below and one of our local administrators will be in touch with you for more information and set a time to meet. Thank you and God bless! 


What instrumets do you play well enough to lead a whole song with?

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch!

"The great majority of the Christian world is still weeping at the foot of the cross. The consciousness of man is fixed on the Christ Who died, not the Christ Who LIVES. They are looking back to the Redeemer Who was, not the redeemer who IS. We are awakening to that marvelous truth, that Christ is not in the heavens only, nor the atmosphere only, but Christ is IN YOU!"

~ John G. Lake

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