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About Us

     Thank you for taking an interest in getting to know more about us! We invite you to learn about our School of Discipleship, see what other ministers/ministries we support domestically or abroad or look into our literature.  His vocation to us, in planting and developing, is centered on their main focal points: 

  • First, we are called to train organic ministries being birthed out of our Discipleship School. Our Discipleship School is designed for all levels of believers, not just those called to the fivefold ministries (Pastors, Teachers, Prophets, Evangelists, and/or Apostles). However, most will find as they grow in the Lord there is a place for them to be at work for the Kingdom while they continue to grow in Him! The signs are designed to follow the Body of Christ, not just the 5 fold, and with the Discipleship School, any believer can transition from typical Christianity to a mature walk!

  • Secondly, we assist those already ordained, minister at a church, seeking to start a ministry, and/or those who are participating in a ministry capacity already. Often there are those who are called but could use the support of a Spirit-filled fellowship that allows them to personally direct their ministry while still providing support as needed. In these times of culture clashing with biblical truths there are those that need to break outside of the bonds of denominational boundaries to stay faithful to their calling. We are here to hold your arms up in that also! We are family by His blood! 

  • Lastly, we have always worked with international ministers in a one-on-one capacity! If you find yourself seeking God's will for your life but have little or no support, we will take the time to get to know you, possibly support you, and cover you as you peruse what the Lord has required of you. Many of our global partners find having a reputable ministry affiliation based in the States allows them to be vetted and verified as they work with other ministers worldwide. 


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Or click here to learn more about our founder and overseer, Dr. JP Price.

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