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      Mercy Hill is providing transportation to and from the downtown and surrounding Blairsville area for the Sunday morning and Thursday evening services. All it takes is one phone call an hour before the service and we will give you a lift! We will pick up and drop off at the same locations but please be aware we will not make stops at stores. After each service, we will return you to the same location. Pick-up times/locations are coordinated on a case-by-case basis so please call ahead. To ensure a ride you must call an hour before the service [no later than 9 AM on Sundays and 6 PM on Thursdays]! We look forward to seeing you here!


Call us at 724-840-8200

Please leave a voicemail if no one answers as we may be on the phone! 

We are happy to offer rides in the Blairsville area to and from church!
Get a Ride to Church!
Get a Ride to Church!
(Blairsville, PA, USA location only)
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