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A little about their ministry:

       It is our goal to sustainable reach the Uckermark with the good message of Jesus Christ. We believe in a good God, that has great plans for the people of this area. The love and power of God are more than enough to transform Your life and we desire that you encounter God's love personally. We would be glad to hear from you! If you are in the area we personally welcome you to one of our events.

     During our services, You can expect lively worship, testimonies about what God is doing in everyday life, dynamic preaching, and charismatic ministry. You can find a lot of our sermons online on our SoundCloud! We regularly stream our services on Periscope too (you can find these links on our webpage).

Regular Service Times:

Church Physical Address: Agape christliche Dienste e.V., Stettiner Straße 61, 17291 Prenzlau, DE

USA Mailing Address: PO Box 83, Blairsville, PA 15717

Phone Number: (+49) 03984-833741

Fax Number: (+49) 03984-7180042


Ministry Information:
•    Sunday's from 10a - Noon 
          Child/Nursery care can be available
Christus Mission Uckermark 
(Prenzlau, Brandenburg, DE)
About Pastors Matthias & Gabi Schmöcker:

       Pastors Matthias and Gabi have been serving the Lord for over 30 years in Germany! Before the Berlin wall came down they determined to follow the Lord, which led them to open their church in Prenzlau, Bradenburg over 15 years ago! Faithful serving and working in their country/community, God has given them the chance to reach many different cultures and people around the World! 

      Their church, Christus Mission Uckermark, is an independent Protestant free church and the only Spirit-filled church in their area! We are honored that we can call them our friends, brothers, and link arms with them while they impact their area, their country, and the world from Germany! Please visit their site, listen to their media (in German and English), and support their work! 


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