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A little about their ministry:

       The ministries that Pastor Naseer and his wife minister in are diverse. Founding and operating Gracious TV in Pakistan allows the message of Jesus to be available to people in the comfort of their homes. In a county dominated by the Muslim religion, their local TV network allows people to learn of Christ and even grow in Christ from the safety of their homes. 

     In addition to the Gracious TV Network, Pastor Naseer has joined the Mercy Hill Ministries network to be a foundational stone for ministries in Pakistan. Pastor Naseer has brought their 40+ pastors/churches into our spiritual network and Pastor Naseer presides as the Pakistani Bishop of Mercy Hill in Pakistan! 

     Being no stranger to persecution for his stance in Christ, Pastor Naseer and his family have to relocate often to keep their family safe. While they stay in the Karachi area, they must stay ready to relocate when locals find them and demand they stop preaching Christ. Undaunted, Pastor Nasser and his family, will move to another safe location and refuse to compromise their faith!  We ask that you please keep their family, ministry team, and all involved, in your prayers as they operate in a country that is not fond of the Gospel of Jesus the Christ! 

USA Contact Mailing Address: PO Box 83, Blairsville, PA 15717 

Local Phone Number: +03 488 350 775


Ministry Information:
Gracious TV & Church Network
(Based out of Karachi, Pakistan, Asia
About Pastor Naseer :

      Pastor Naseer and his wife have served the Lord in the Karachi, Pakistan area for over a decade! Over the years God has used Pastor Naseer and his wife to reach many indigenous people in Pakistan to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. In their outreach, the Lord has planted dozens of pastors, churches, homegroups, and even created an outreach program to reach the widows and orphans in their communities. Pastor Nasser has continued to reach people, both in their home country of Pakistan and all over the world because of their endless passion for the Lord despite cultural and religious persecution for their faith! 


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