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Meet our leadership & directors:

  From a young age, Daniel Guerra knew the calling of the Lord was on his life. He and his two siblings were raised in the life of ministry by his parents, both of whom are ministers. Daniel transitioned between his parents’ home and his uncle for many years. When his parents settled in San Benito, Texas, Daniel remained with his uncle in the LA California area. At the age of thirteen he began a troublesome life of defiance resulting with him returning to live with his parents in Texas. For the next two years he continued to live a lawless life and dropped out of high school. However, amidst his turmoil he still attended a church fellowship, Spirit of Praise, because of his parent’s commitments. Daniel could not deny the calling of the Lord. 

     At the age of sixteen, Daniel attended a youth conference sponsored by another church in his area. During the first service a guest speaker, Pastor Alan Taylor of The Family Prayer Center based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, stopped and asked that everyone come forward together. As they began coming forward, Pastor Alan began speaking as the Lord directed him. The Lord directed Pastor Alan to Daniel. It was also at this conference that Daniel met another young man named Nathan. Nathan was a member of The Family Prayer Center and played on the worship team with Daniel. The two soon became fast friends.

Nathan encouraged Daniel to read his Bible, spend time in worship and fasting. During this time Nathan laid hands on Daniel, overwhelming him with the power of God and filling him with the Holy Ghost. Their friendship grew and eventually the Lord directed Nathan to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma to the Prayer Center Church.

     By the age of eighteen Daniel ran once more in the opposite direction of the Lord. In desperation he called out to the Lord to take him somewhere he could grow and learn the gospel. During this time Daniel and Nathan remained steadfast friends despite the miles between them. At end of 2007, Nathan along with another friend picked up Daniel with only the clothes on his back and a hundred dollars. They delivered him to Tulsa, OK where Nathan relocated to prior. Daniel began attending The Family Prayer Center in 2008 with Nathan; that is where he met JP Price who was also called by the Lord to Tulsa for training. The Lord moved JP Price to Pennsylvania to begin the work he is called to do there and Daniel continues to live in Tulsa serving and leading worship at The Family Prayer Center with Dave Roberson Ministries. Despite the distance the friendship remains and the focus of the Lords will be done first is a shared virtue!




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